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Motocross Cake In Dublin

2-2 Gijón Depor ... "Referee're a scoundrel" 4000

With the phrase "you're a rogue referee" that Lotina I dedicate to the 4 robbers wore yellow today in The Molinón, it perfectly sums up a game in which the Depor in normal condiones, had thrashed.

missing two penalties in favor of Gijón, three clear penalties for non pitados Depor players, two players of Gijón, who should have been expelled ... A series of grotesque tired already because they always occur against the same opponents.

In the last 3 visits Molinón, Depor up 5 penalties (2 of them in minute 95) with 6 expulsions. Some data invite distrust this corrupt federation.

rout-white in the stands, with over 5,000 attending Gijón sportsmanship throughout the match and chanted and led the team in a twinkling, and rout-white and sometimes play in the field.

Goals: 0-1
... Adrian (8 ')
1-1 ... Ayoze penalty (34 ') 1-2
... Adrian (39 ') 2-2
... Barral penalty (96 ') Reactions



- "We always something similar happens in Gijón . The first penalty is truly joke. When one is risking his life, these decisions have to be very clear, and today they have not been ... "
-" We deserved to win, we controlled the game and we had clear chances. To one side saw everything, and for another, nothing could be seen "
- We discussed the possibility of imposing a formal complaint following recent arbitral establishment parties but Lendoiro said that" is not the time to talk thereof.

- "We were saved a while ago, and now we have a team crying in the locker room . There were two key points for us the situation has become very difficult .
- " I did not know that the back was a penalty. Also I think the Sporting goalkeeper should have been expelled. And come to the end and sees a penalty the line .... "
- " I just wish the referee to see, which is coupled with the linemen and analysis. And they say if it was fair or not . There are going to take a 'sidrina' around "

-" seems that we are used to mourn, but we always happens. I noticed that I was in the back ! "
- " I do not know if there is a black hand , but we are doing enough damage "

Rubén Pérez:
-" I knew it would force the penalty felt nothing but contact .... I was on tiptoe, and it notes that you play with your chest, goes to the floor. Then I asked the referee and tell us the penalty is ... Aythami.

is quite clear that if there is a black hand trying to sink Deportivo. Have existed long ago but is now more evident when done. Given that we have to operate at 200% to beat the opponents who always play with 14.


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Lauder I'ma Girl!

L @ s who follow my blog regularly know that Estée Lauder is one of my favorite companies, so no wonder it has been a good time testing your new application I'ma Girl Lauder created within its fan page on facebook ... I tell her story and how it works, so that you too probeis without losing a minute!

Taking as its starting point the firm belief of its founder, Estée Lauder, that all women can be beautiful (hence the slogan mythical "Every Woman Can Be Beautiful" ), The firm has created the application I'ma Girl Lauder. It transmits its new concept of global beauty and modern, which we discover through it and create our own vision of the new woman in which Lauder has inspired this original action.

To access must be fan page on facebook Estée Lauder and then click on the left menu, option Pure Color. At this point begins the creation of your personalized Lauder Girl.

is part of an initial sketch to be added hair, eyes, clothing, accessories and, of course, the makeup of the line Pure Color! Everything taste of the consumer. Renowned illustrator Luis Tinoco has been responsible for designing the images a delight for any lover of art and fashion!

When you finish your Lauder Girl can as well download the image, share it on your wall and become part of the gallery Lauder girls in which you can see what designs have made the other participants. You can also send invitations s to your friends to enjoy this application.

But how did you join? Nothing less than to create your Girl Lauder, Estée Lauder's fans participate in the fabulous five exclusive contest Pure Color makeup sets developed by Tom Pecheux , creative director of Estée Lauder makeup . In addition, all participants can download a coupon to go to an outlet of the mark in the English Court and enjoy a custom color consultation. The beauty expert of their own signature tones advise on the most favored and how to combine them for stunning results.

I've already created my own What do you think? What are you waiting to customize your own?

Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Clean Emuboots

Be sure to try the deodorant Sanex Naturprotect ®!

@ sure you're ecstatic to see ads for deodorants, especially now for the summer, a fact which surprised me because it is a product that is used throughout the year ...

The fact is that every time we seek one that is natural, does not attack the skin, that smells good, protects all day ... and testing and testing is not easy finally discovered one that convinces you. I've gotten to this point, I tried one that I really convinced, it is Naturprotect ® Sanex, formulated with alum mineral (an all-natural active ingredient), superseding the artificial chemical active substance: aluminum hydrochloride. In addition, it contains no alcohol, no parabens, no stain clothing, respects the natural perspiration of the skin and protects for 24 hours.

So that we understand, the active ingredient is what makes a deodorant to be effective against body odor. Most deodorants are based on artificial chemical ingredients such as alcohol or aluminum chlorohydrate to be effective. In this way, and taking into account market demand to natural products and after five years of development, has launched a line Sanex deodorants containing this ingredient ancestral. But we know more about what this component

almost magical ... A LITTLE HISTORY

For many of us is a novelty but the mineral alum was already considered in antiquity for its many properties. For centuries it has been used as a deodorant to control body odor, and also to avoid skin irritation after shaving or waxing among many other applications. The Romans were already healing and antibacterial qualities and was used as a deodorant, bodily hygiene, as well as medicine.

In the Middle Ages, alum acquired a great value and became coveted by popes, bishops and kings. When in 1455 Bizanzio mines fell to the Turks, the alum mineral prices rose dramatically, and began to look for new sources in Europe. Soon after, in 1462, were the famous mines of Tolfa, in the Italian region of Padua, and for a century, the mineral alum was transported by sea from the port of Civitavecchia to the Venice, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, and even to North Sea ports.

The truth is that this mineral was already used in antiquity as a deodorant natural, as far afield as Europe, Mexico, Thailand or the Philippines. Applied in the arm as a thin invisible layer, after moistening with water, mineral alum deodorant effect provides a powerful, thanks to its natural ability to kill bacteria, to break sweat, are the real causes of body odor.

Alum powder was also used for important astringent, so it is also used as an aftershave to prevent skin irritation after shaving, and to prevent infections as a result of small cuts that may occur. In the Middle East, was used after waxing to prevent irritation skin. ORIGIN

Alum is a mineral that occurs naturally in crystal form. Is obtained from an igneous rock of volcanic origin, called trachyte alunífera, which once processed is converted into potassium alum. Alum mineral deposits originate in different stages of the long geological process that suffer the volcanic rocks from the existing fusion mass within the earth. This leads, naturally, the crystals of alum may have variations in appearance, color or texture, but all maintain their properties. One of its main characteristics is that it is soluble in water, through which our skin can benefit from its large antibacterial deodorant and healing qualities. Well, if you did not know in Spain, specifically in Rodalquilar (Almería), there is an alum of the deposits in the world.

The growing desire to return to nature has led many European countries have become interested in the mineral alum and have rediscovered its benefits to the skin. However, in our country remains a great unknown. A recent study revealed that while between 24% and 49% of the population, French and Dutch know the mineral alum, only 9% of the English heard ever talk about it. Is not this amazing?

So you know what natural bet! Sanex addition Naturprotect ® has launched several lines, among which are adapted to the normal skin (which is what I've tried and recommend with eyes closed) and another for sensitive skin. are available in spray and rool-on . What are you waiting to test?

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sportsmanship for `attack 'the fans and players

Over 4000 encourage sportsmanship Gijón Deportivo in order to get 3 points vital to the future of the Club.

long time that the city of A Coruña was not as involved with the team. Perhaps from the Champions League semifinals in 2004. But people know the importance of Sport for the city and knows the negative impact it would mean a hypothetical decline.

Depor not walk alone, never has, and now more than ever walking with the hope and the hope of more than 1 million fans.

This team and the fans are First!